It may be a cliché - but we design for ourselves and for women like us. And we work, travel, party, raise children. Happily, in today's world we don't have to choose. Each of us walks in our own rhythm, but some of our needs are the same. Each of us wants to feel spectacular, every day. We need clothes that are empowering, sophisticated, but also practical, the designers articulate. Hence the name OnFleek, which casually translated means "on point."

Sisters and best friends. Natalia Zięba-Nogaj, Magdalena Nogaj and Milena Nogaj-Zięba, started working in the fashion world in 2020. Each of them has a different temperament and is responsible for a compatible element of the brand being created. The trio is bound together by aesthetic sensibility and a predilection for modern elegance. They design, produce and increasingly boldly develop online and offline sales. OnFleek's first flagship boutique is located in Warsaw at 56 Mokotowska Street, and this is just the beginning.