Cookies Policy

Cookies are IT data, most often text files, created automatically by a web browser when visiting websites. They are stored on the Store User's device and can only be read by the website from which the file comes. They usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number.

This Policy applies to Users using the website, hereinafter referred to as the Store.

1 . Basic information about cookies processed in this store

  • Cookies are placed on the end device of the Store User and may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Store operator.
  • In many cases, the web browser stores cookies on the User's end device by default. At any time, the Store's Users can change the settings for cookies. These settings can be changed so as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings, or to inform about their every posting in the Store User's device. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings.
  • The Store operator informs that restricting the use of cookies by Users may affect some of the functionalities available in the Store.
  • The Cookies mechanism does not allow the collection of personal data or any confidential information from the User's Device.

2 . What do we use cookies in the Store for? The Objective

Cookies are used:

  • For the smooth operation of the website and the functions available on it.
  • To adapt the content of the Store to the preferences of the device and the way the user uses the Store. Cookies allow you to save your browser choices in the field of - language, setting of selected items, saving location information among others.
  • To facilitate logging in to the user's account and switching between subpages on the Store's pages without having to log in again on each subpage. They enable verification of authenticity and optimization of website performance.
  • To secure websites, e.g. to prevent access by unauthorized persons and to optimize the Store's operation, including the Store's performance.
  • In order to create anonymous aggregate statistics that help in analyzing the way the User uses the Store's pages, in order to improve their content and structure.
  • To store information about how users use the website. They may relate to the most frequently visited pages or possible error messages displayed on some pages. Cookies used to save the so-called "Session state" help to improve services and enhance the browsing experience.
  • To display advertisements that are more interesting to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers; Cookies can also be used to personalize advertisements, as well as to display advertisements outside of websites.
  • For location - they allow you to adjust the displayed information to the user's location.

3. What cookies are used in this Store

We use various cookies for the proper functioning of the Store. We distinguish between the time of activity of cookies and their origin.

Active time:

  • Session - are temporary files that remain on the user's device until the end of the session - logging out of the website or turning off the software (web browser).
  • Permanent - remain on the user's device for the time specified in the file parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user. Ending the browser session or turning off the Device does not delete them from the User's Device.


  • own (first party Cookies) - Files placed on websites directly by the Store
  • external (third-party Cookies) - Cookies placed on websites by cooperating entities or whose components have been used in the mechanisms of the Store. However, in the case of functionalities provided by third parties, standard Cookie Policy rules may apply other than the Store's privacy policy.

An example to that may be Google tools, i.e. Google Analytics cookies - they are used to keep statistics for the website; the exact method of operation and the privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found at:

4. Below we indicate how to change cookie settings in the most popular search engines:

  • Google Chrome - Menu> Settings> Show advanced settings> Privacy> Content settings> Cookies - select the appropriate option.
  • Internet Explorer - Menu> Tools> Internet Options> Privacy - select the appropriate option.
  • Mozilla Firefox - Menu> Options> Privacy> History - select the appropriate option.
  • Opera - Menu> Preferences> Advanced> Cookies - select the appropriate option.
  • Safari - Menu> Preferences> Privacy> Cookies - select the appropriate option.