The On Fleek brand is based on self-confidence,
femininity and individuality.



Behind the Brand

On Fleek is a Polish premium fashion brand, founded in 2020 by three sisters who, out of love and passion for fashion, in May 2020 launched their first, original clothing collection addressed to brave, self-confident women who want to emphasize their individuality and femininity in all aspects of life.

The On Fleek brand offers three lines: elegant clothing, sports and casual clothing – the basic line and the leather collection, which includes the ICONIC models – the MONTANA leather jacket and the VERMONT leather coat.

Women, who wear On Fleek clothes are not afraid to take risks, choose their own path and experience an adventure.

“Our goal is to create clothes that inspire women
to include their uniqueness in all aspects of life.
If what you look like today will bring a smile to your face,
it means that we have fulfilled our mission.”


On Fleek founders

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Born in Poland

All models of On Fleek clothes are sewn in Poland from high-quality Italian materials, while maintaining the highest quality finish. Creating a pattern on fabrics makes them very unique. Each thing has been made under the supervision of specialists, until it is perfect in it’s every detail.

The On Fleek collections include products made of cotton, silk, leather or wool.

OnFleek Fashion Company

Our vision

The essence of the brand’s style is to evoke the ‘on fleek‘ effect, which means that regardless of the occasion: from evening parties, to meetings with BAEs, or comfortable and minimalist at-home wear while facing friends, we will look perfect and phenomenal, thanks to extremely feminine clothes in which we can see leading trends.
The origins of the saying “on fleek” can be associated with Kim Kardashian, who used this term to emphasize that the eyebrows should always look perfect #eyebrowsonfleek, which is precisely the point!
From the celebrity’s memorable post, this phase has entered the everyday speech of our generation. Today, not only eyebrows should look #onfleek!
OnFleek Fashion Company

What is #OnFleek

The quality of being perfect,
the designation of perfection and impeccability

A combination of lightness and elegance, tantamount to “being on point”